Hey there!

Welcome to my blog! :)

My name is Israa Shaikh and I'm based in Pune with the love of my life and my uber-adorable cat, Theo - ever since the city stole my heart two years ago. From being a dentist to a blogger has been a huge leap, yet such a beautiful journey!

With a keen eye for details (thanks to the micro skills involved in being a dentist haha) and coruscating love for colours and playful textures, you'll find me experimenting and sharing my take on what personal style truly means to me (and all things I love). 

It all started with a passion for fashion, styling and (my immense) love for makeup, which led to the founding of my blog in December 2016. And ever since then, there has been no looking back. Through my blog, I hope to inspire women - to embrace and bring the best of themselves, to accept and love who they are and not conform to any labels. #loveyourimperfections 

Lots of good vibes and love your way 

Israa xx 

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