March 10, 2018

Hey everyone!

How are you all? I hope this year is off to a great start for you!

Over the past week, I've been so caught up with house shifting, work, traveling and family events. It's been super busy and chaotic, but I'm back to the grind now! 

By the way, have you noticed the sudden shift to the summer heat already? Hating it! I am all about the cold, icy winter season. And it's just the start of March... 

Speaking of summers, the look I've put together shouts spring colours! Whether you're a habitual yellow wearer or really picky when it comes to shades of yellow, mustard is the one you've looking for. 

This look is a play on colours, layers and patterns. I went ahead and paired the mustard spaghetti top with an aztec skirt and aubergine leather jacket. To complete the look, I picked a chunky choker necklace and a corset belt. 'Cause you know the waist gotta be snatched :D 

I would any day prefer separates and layers over dresses (which I without a doubt love). 

There is so much you can do. It's hard to denounce the degree of versatility that you can come up with separates! 

Aubergine - a rich deep plum is absolutely irresistible to me.  I'll admit I've lately been picking that color a lot- whether it's makeup or clothes. And for this particular look, they perfectly complement each other! 

Top: Forever 21
Corset belt: Eristona 
Skirt: Cocoluxury
Choker: Forever New 
Jacket: Kenneth Cole
Heels: 20 Dresses
Photography: Dwij Oza 
Makeup and Styling: By yours truly

Lots of love and well wishes to you all xx

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Instagram: Israa 

Twitter: Israa

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