December 28, 2017

Hey everyone!

How's your holiday season looking? For those who have been following my Instagram and Snapchat stories, know that I'm currently vacationing in Mumbai (for a good two weeks). And honestly, I couldn't have asked for a better start than an opportunity to cover the Christmas brunch at JW Marriott, Sahar.  A special thanks to the Marriott crew and Mr. Yogesh for having me over for such a marvelous experience!

Glittering chandeliers and glistening gold Christmas balls relay the most elegant and hospitable vibe inside the JW Cafe. The minute I stepped into the cozy cafe, there was a whiff of festive spirit and sophisticated dining brush against my olfactory and visual senses - my senses were on an euphoric rush. Okay, I get it, you might find it a tad bit too over the top but trust me you'd agree after reading the entire blog! So, all the food aficionados keep scrolling down to know everything about the Christmas buffet. 😍

As I was walking towards my table, I couldn't help but get mesmerized by the dessert counters on both the sides, enveloping Indian sweets, cakes, pudding, pies, donuts and ginger bread houses! They even had tiny chocolate christmas trees and an edible two foot christmas tree. Everything was in the details. I'll admit, I have never seen such intricate and miniscule details curated and handcrafted with so much love and effort. Seeing it live, is just a whole another experience! Unfortunately, I had missed out on meeting the pastry chefs behind the creation of these lovely baked treats. A huge thank you for making our Christmas a merry one!

Step into the world of decadence in the dessert showcase, where you can find the cutest cupcakes topped with edible christmas trees, snowmen, bells and stars, as well as donuts hanging by a string on white table props. I couldn't wait to try it out! One of my favorite was the dark chocolate mousse along with the  plum cake and madelines. (You simply can't pick one.) Cooked to perfection, the mousse and cakes were so light and practically melted in my mouth. A sinful indulgence indeed.

We started off the brunch with a few Thai appetizers. The prawn chips were the lip-smacking. Period. I went ahead and tried the roasted turkey with a rich and glossy cranberry sauce and asparagus on the side. It tasted even better than it looked. The smokiness and tenderness of the turkey meat paired beautifully and oh so perfectly with the acidity and sweetness of the sauce! I pretty much filled up on it haha. Thank you Chef Sanket for carving the most succulent portion and also giving me an amazing candid picture! 😃 Adjacent to the Thai counter, was a temperature controlled section that featured an array of fresh seafood options - seabass, lobsters, Canadian scallops, salmon crab legs, prawns and so many more, cooked to your taste and topped with your choice of noodles, sauce and vegetables.

Moving onto my *favourite* part, the Japanese station featured the best of Sushi and it's local dishes. Takuan Hosomaki , Salmon Sashimi and asparagus and cheese rolls were the highlights for me. Those of you with an exaggerated love for Japanese cuisine will find a lot to get frisky over here. With so many options and each with its own delectable taste; the sharp, clean and precise folds, perfect temperature and texture of each grain completed with a dollop of wasabi, makes it an experience you'd never forget. Isn't that what good hearty food is all about?
Paired with a complimentary glass of Moët and Chandon; it was the best meal I've ever had. Heavenly I'd say. All those of you with an overheated passion and love for food, you get me right?

An outdoor section basking in the not-so-sunny and cool breeze pretty much was in harmony with the festive mood.

Several stations were lined up featuring Italian and Mexican cuisine. From pastas to enchiladas, quesadillas, tacos and nachos, you could just create or have the chefs help you make a mouth-watering plate of deliciousness. Chef Juniad came to my rescue, by fixing a scrumptious duo of tacos packed and punched with loads of flavor. He asked me about my take on cheese, but before I'd confess my love for it, the look on my face pretty much gave it away. While sipping on the glass of champagne and witnessing the smiles and happy faces of kids around Santa Claus and the elves, I am presented with the most colorful plate of tacos. So within ten minutes of devouring into it, I officially had the best duck tacos ever!

To conclude - the brunch here was absolutely unbeatable! I would again like to thank all the Chefs involved for curating and executing a beyond wonderful and delicious buffet. Much love. The true meaning of modern (and mum's home cooked) food was undoubtedly encapsulated by the culinary masters.

I hope you all enjoyed reading my blogpost as much as I loved penning down my experience and sharing it with you.

Happy Holidays!

JW Marriott Mumbai Sahar 

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