July 26, 2017

As impeccable each apparel in their clothing line is, what impresses me more is not just the detailed artwork, but a motto so thoughtful behind it. Run by a brother-sister duo, Zainali and Azra are supremely talented and creative with souls made of oodles of goodness and love. After stumbling across their instagram page and instantly falling in love with the trippy designs, I soon learnt after exploring their website that the incredible team of Good Stuff works hard towards poverty alleviation. 

THE CO-ORD EDIT | Israa X Label Kaytee

July 12, 2017

Hey everyone,

If you know me personally, you'd know my sense of style is all about being bold, elegant yet keeping it minimal. I pick and gravitate towards pieces that scream fierce and stylish. And today's blog is pretty much about that. I've tried out two of my favorite looks, which are very different from each other; quite contrasting I'd say.

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