March 04, 2017

Apart from my obsession with black outfits, one of my most favorite look has to be pastels and nude. As tricky it may be to pair the two, I feel when put together (perfect), gives a very feminine and elegant look yet so classy at the same time.

Secondly, I think flesh tones can look amazing on anyone, from Lucy Hale to Lupita Nyongo'o. The key to pulling it off is the manner in which you execute it without looking completely washed off. 

This outfit is basically all about minimalism. And still having that oomph factor. Generally, these shades are best paired with neutral tones like beige, creams or gray. Come on, now who could resist these beautiful ethereal cupcake inspired colours eh?

Whenever you choose pastel colours, stick to pieces with defined and sharp lines. This brings focus to the texture and design of the outfit. Personally, I think if you really want to bring attention and emphasis to the outfit, my advice will be to play with textures. Minute details and patterns add drama to such minimalistic looks.  Coming down to my outfit, here are two distinct details I'd like to talk about. One, the skirt I've worn, has a knee length slit at the back with a ribbed texture and second is the top which features a unique one long sleeve with a straight fit. Simple and chic.
Top: NA-KD 
Skirt: NA-KD 
Heels: Steve Madden


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