Quick Fix To A Glowing Skin

February 04, 2017

When that highlighter is on fleek, there is nothing more that can make you feel like a goddess for the night. Now that summers are approaching, alongwith the scorching sun and crazy schedule we'll be juggling, it sure is a task to maintain that post-vacation glow all day and night. And hey, no matter what time of the year it is, who wouldn't want their skin to look radiant!

To be honest, there are a zillion ways to get there. The numero uno factor is obviously drinking lots of water and eating healthy. However, days when you need to head out to a party or on a date ASAP, here's one makeup hack that I've tried and incorporated into my makeup routine from time to time which will definitely leave you with a lovely glow I'm boasting about (not boasting :P).

All you have to do is - mix your foundation with a liquid highlighter!

Now, when I say mix it with your highlighter - you can't just pick any product. Reach out to an illuminating liquid highlighter and mix three drops of it with your foundation. Yes, this really does work!

When I tend to opt for this look, I use the Revlon Photoready Illuminating Highlighter (peach light). Another favorite of mine is the NARS illuminator. Peach light has a really lightweight formula and a lotion-like consistency which makes it easy to blend it with the foundation. The product doesn't feel oily or too heavy on the skin. Infact, it adds a luminosity and a soft natural glow-y look.

Whenever you choose a liquid highlighter for this particular 'natural makeup', go for sheer tones. You don't want to end up altering the color of your foundation.

Apply it with a damp beautyblender and finish the look with a dash of mascara and a peach lip color. There you have it! Let me know whether this tip worked for you in the comment section below. ♥

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