•When the BeautyBlender is all you really need•

January 30, 2017

Is it just me? Or are there people who have recently stumbled across the Instagram of gorgeous girls using the teardrop shaped sponge and made you wonder what's with its sudden craze anyway?

All this time I've been perfecting (apparently not) the foundation and concealer with my fingers or a flat foundation brush thinking it gives me a super smooth finish. I'm not saying it isn't good enough, but there is a much better tool you can opt for instead. I'll admit I am a little late to step into the beauty blender game, but oh my it is what i swear by now! 

Recently, the beauty blender has been introduced into the makeup industry and ever since then, it has been dominating every makeup enthusiasts beauty box.

This egg shaped sponge may seem ordinary, but works like magic. There is a reason it is egg-shaped. First, it is so convenient to handle and use. Second, the pointed part is to apply concentrated makeup in smaller areas and get into every nook and cranny (nose, under the eyes, lips and hollows of the cheek), whereas the broader portion is to blend out makeup on the forehead, cheeks, jawline and chin.

There are a few rules that I'd like to share with you prior to its use.
  • You want to avoid using it dry
Here's why - I know you must be excited to try the beautyblender and not read the teeny tiny instructions on the back side of the packaging, but this step is one of the most important and vital. All you have to do is soak your sponge in water, squeeze the excess water and then work your way ahead with the foundation or pressed powder.

The beautyblender basically draws in water and expands. So when you dab it over your skin, the product doesn't get absorbed into the sponge, thus enabling you to use less product and give you an airbrushed effect at the same time! 

If you end up using it dry, the product is going to be absorbed by the sponge rather than adhering to your face, and removing the stains thereafter is a task you don't want to step foot into (trust me).  You can use it dry for quick touchups - with a concealer or if you want to remove any excess product.

If you feel the sponge is drying up as you're blending out the product, you can dip it in water again.
  • Dabbing
The key to a flawless application of foundation is the motion in which you apply it. Once you've dampened the sponge, apply the product in a dabbing motion, as if you were pressing the product gently into the skin (known as stippling). This particular motion enables more coverage and hides fine lines and visible pores, giving you a flawless and streak-free appearance.
  • All-purpose 
Apparently, the beautyblender is very versatile when it comes to applying any product on your face. Be it a primer, sunscreen, moisturizer, serum , concealer, bronzer, foundation or an ombre nail paint effect! As I've mentioned before, it's ability for an even coverage is what makes it a mandatory purchase. No wonder every beauty blogger and makeup artist swears by it!

Since the material is so soft and non-abrasive, it is perfect for people who have sensitive skin or Rosacea.

I have recently purchased mine from Sephora ($20). If you haven't bought one already, go lay your hands on the beautyblender now! 

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