•When the BeautyBlender is all you really need•

January 30, 2017

Is it just me? Or are there people who have recently stumbled across the Instagram of gorgeous girls using the teardrop shaped sponge and made you wonder what's with its sudden craze anyway?

All this time I've been perfecting (apparently not) the foundation and concealer with my fingers or a flat foundation brush thinking it gives me a super smooth finish. I'm not saying it isn't good enough, but there is a much better tool you can opt for instead. I'll admit I am a little late to step into the beauty blender game, but oh my it is what i swear by now! 

Recently, the beauty blender has been introduced into the makeup industry and ever since then, it has been dominating every makeup enthusiasts beauty box.

How To: Lilac Cut Crease Eyeshadow | ABH Modern Renaissance Palette

January 27, 2017

If you haven't tried out cut-creasing, you really really really ought to! Personally, it is my FAVORITE go-to look. Cut-creasing is a genius  eyeshadow technique that brings so much depth and dimension to the eyes. You must've seen this makeup trend flourish all over Instagram. Well ofcourse, it was popularized by Kim Kardashian...

The main concept that outlines cut creasing is the application of a lighter shade on the lid and a darker shade on your lid crease. It basically plays with a low and high contrast which fades on the brow bone. It sure does need a little practice to perfect. However, you can play and create endless eyeshadow looks once you get the hang of it and master the concept. 

How to create the perfect winged eyeliner

January 05, 2017

Hey beauties! 😊

Vlog 4 is out on my channel! *yaayyyy*

This video is all about creating the classic winged eyeliner look in three simple steps. When I first stepped into the eyeliner game, I'll admit to the fact that it was one hustle to get it perfect. But once you keep practicing, with time you tend to get the hang of it. I had learnt it the hard way-  with a lot of trial and error. So yes, I totally understand the struggle to perfect the winged eyeliner! This tutorial will help you achieve the look you want with so much ease. Do watch and let me know whether the technique worked for you.

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