Review of Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette - Anastasia Beverly Hills

December 06, 2016

Hello dolls!

Today I'll be reviewing the oh-so-amazing eyeshadow palette launched by Anastasia Beverly Hills in the summer of 2016. When it's their first permanent eyeshadow kit, it is a hint that it's going to be huge! And trust me, it is incredible! You can shop it right now from the ABH website.

I purchased mine a week before and I have already fallen in love with it! 😍

Without a doubt , it's my favorite! This eyeshadow palette comes in a soft lilac colored cardboard and once you open this beauty, you'll see a faux velvet cover. Velvet! Won my heart right there. However, one tip - you should keep it in a makeup box or else it'll end up catching dust.

Moving onto the details, the palette brings to you 14 gorgeous shades which include neutral tones, rich reds, pinks and orange alongwith three metallic shades. If you are more into warm-toned colors, this eyeshadow kit is paradise. And those of you who are a little skeptic, keep reading further. You will find a high quality dual-ended brush and mirror. The brush has one flat end which can be used for applying the eyeshadow and the fluffy end to blend. On the downside, I personally felt the mirror isn't the ideal size. It seems a tad bit tiny for me and I ended up using a mirror from another eyeshadow palette. 


Let's move onto the eyeshadow quality.

Anastasia Beverly Hills is all about delivering the best and this palette is no exception. The shades are *so* creamy and soft. Being highly pigmented, you need a really light hand to pick up the slightest amount of eyeshadow. Once you start blending the shades, you don't have to worry about it fading out. These babies stay put and yes, they just blend in effortlessly. The colors add up to create beautiful looks for any and every occasion. Like I've said in my video (Best Fall Inspired Makeup Products ), I shall repeat it again- this palette screams FALL! . 
I always use a primer under my eyeshadow, so ofcourse this influences the longevity factor to quite an extent. However, I did try it out without the primer and surprisingly (not), it stayed on for about 12 hours! 

Check out the swatches of all the shades below.

R-L (Tempera, Golden Ochre, Vermeer, Buon Fresco,Antique Bronze, Love Letter and Cyprus Umber)

R-L (Raw Sienna, Burnt Orange, Primavera, Red Ochre, Venetian Red,Warm Taupe and Realgar)

Overall, the Modern Renaissance palette is an amazing product curated with a lot of thought and detailing. At the first glance, the shades may seem bright, but once the shades start coming together, it creates magic. Whether it's a stunning dramatic look or a soft neutral look, you can do it all! 

I consider this palette an absolute must-have. It gives you exactly what you're looking for in an eyeshadow kit - beautiful colors, amazing staying power, no fall-out, excellent pigmentation and texture. At 42$ ( INR 2900), you ought to give this heavenly product a chance. 

Thank you so much for reading lovelies! Let me know what you think and feel free to leave a comment. Subscribe to my blog for more video updates, reviews and tutorials. xx 

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